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Arsuz Community Center, which we established in Arsuz to support children, youth, women and disadvantaged members of society to have a good time, has been opened. Since İskender Sayek Culture House was severely damaged in the earthquake, we will be holding our events at Arsuz Community Center in the coming period.

The layout of our center, which was established with the support of Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF) and the value contributions of the Butros family, was planned jointly with Bilkent University Faculty of Architecture lecturers. 


What is there in Arsuz Community Center?
- Play Class and Imagination Workshop where volunteer instructors will carry out activities with children
- Women's Workshop, which will include programs to support the professional skills and personal development of Arsuz women
- Our library with books of different ages and interests donated to our association
- The courtyard where the events will take place

In addition to our main supporters, we sincerely thank Arsuz District Governorship, Arsuz Municipality, Anadolu Group, Prof. Dr. Ali Demirsoy, Adana Rotary Club and everyone who supported us with their donations.

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