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Füsun Sayek Association for the Development of Health and Education
Academic Year 2023-2024
Applications start on September 12, 2023 and end on September 25, 2023 at 18.00.
Scholarship winners will be announced on our website on Friday, October 13, 2023.

The Füsun Sayek Association for the Development of Health and Education Scholarship Fund was created to support students who have limited financial resources, with a focus on those studying in medical faculties.

We wish all students a successful and healthy academic year.


The Füsun Sayek Association for the Development of Health and Education Scholarship Committee

Please read the eligibility criteria for the scholarship carefully before applying.

Important: You will need a Google account to upload the necessary files, please create an account here before filling out the form. 


  • The scholarship quota for the 2023-2024 academic year has been set as 70 students for higher education students whose family or themselves reside in the disaster area and who are affected by the earthquake.

  • 50% of the quota is reserved for students from the Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Scholarship Amount and Duration

  • Füsun Sayek Health and Education Development Association's scholarship payments for higher education students are determined as 1700 TL per month and will be paid for 9 months.

  • The Füsun Sayek Association for the Development of Health and Education is non-refundable and does not include any repayment or service obligation. Scholarship recipients and alumni may choose to support the association and participate in events organised by the association if they so desire.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates who have lost a parent in the earthquake and/or whose house of residence has been severely damaged or destroyed have priority.

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey

  • To be a resident of one of the provinces affected by the earthquake and to have been affected by the earthquake

  • To have the right to enroll in a formal higher education undergraduate program in Turkey or to be continuing their education in intermediate classes.

  • For newly enrolled applicants: To have a document showing that they have gained the right to enroll in an undergraduate program

  • For applicants from intermediate classes: Have a cumulative grade point average of 70/100 or 2.75/4.00 and have earned the right to transfer to the next grade (Intermediate applicants must attach their transcripts.)

  • Need financial support

  • Not receiving scholarship support from another institution or organization (except KYK)

  • Not having any criminal record

  • Filling in the application form completely and accurately, uploading the necessary files with the application and completing it between the specified dates

  • Providing reference


  • Please fill in the form linked below correctly and completely; otherwise your application will be invalid and cannot be evaluated.

  • Make sure you press the submit button.

  • After completing the Scholarship Application Form, please click on the File Upload button in the "Files to Upload" section at the end of the form and attach all the files that apply to your application.

  • For any questions, please contact us at

  • Scholarship Applications are made only by filling out the online form and scholarship applications sent to our e-mail will not be evaluated.

Scholarship recipients must have fulfilled the scholarship program and attendance requirements completely and correctly.

The annual academic average must be 70/100 or 2.75/4.0 for the scholarship to continue. If the annual academic average is below this grade, the board of directors makes a re-evaluation and makes a decision.

Scholarship recipients must submit official documents regarding their academic achievements at the end of each year.



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